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the world on a simpler foundation

Our Ground Screw puts a better foundation within everyone’s reach. Now in use around the world, ground screws create strong, safe, long-lasting foundations for virtually any construction application in any landscape. Our solution is simple by design: compliant with building codes, easy and affordable to install, and ready to build on in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. A greener alternative to concrete and deep foundations, ground screws go where others cannot, ideal for hard-to-build areas, brownfields, and sites that shouldn’t be disturbed.




  • Ground screw solutions for solar

    Ground screw solutions for solar

    A stable foundation for power generation projects around the world, Ground Screw solutions effectively anchor solar arrays without concrete footings. Our system of screws are adaptable to any terrain and compatible with all static and tracking photovoltaic systems. Install secure footings in minutes instead of days while minimizing the environmental footprint of your project.
  • Ground screw solutions for construction

    Ground screw solutions for construction

    Our professional-grade ground screw systems create reliable foundations for a wide variety of light industrial projects, from anchoring wooden structures to fencing, footbridges and storage containers. Quick to assemble without the need for concrete footings or excavation, our solution dramatically reduces your labor and materials costs while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Ground screw solutions for fencing

    Ground screw solutions for fencing

    From wooden privacy fences to temporary fencing for the construction and event industries, ground screws provide a sturdy, permanent, yet removable and re-usable foundation for all fencing needs. Quick to install without the need for concrete footings or post holes, our solutions dramatically reduce labor and materials costs while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Ground screw solutions for Signage, Lighting, Towers

    Ground screw solutions for Signage, Lighting, Towers

    Ground screws are quick and easy to install for small sign applications and a much more economical option for large commercial-scale projects such as street and highway lights, signs and large communication towers. Faster installation, immediate construction and no concrete caissons can save thousands of dollars on a project.
  • Ground screw systems for the consumer market

    Ground screw systems for the consumer market

    Our easy-to-use and affordable ground screw systems are ideal for do-it-yourself home improvement, including light construction and recreational projects like umbrellas and sports netting. There are no concrete footings needed, so it’s easy to remove or relocate foundations later with minimal effort or wear and tear.


  • What is the screw pile? What are the advantages over traditional ground piles?

      The spiral ground pile is a pipe pile with spiral blades welded on the surface of the metal pipe after hot forging. Spirals and flanges are welded on the tube body, and then the entire tube body is hot-dip galvanized. Use special screw pile screwing equipment to replace the original concre...
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  • Ground screw anchor project

    The design and construction of the spiral ground pile should consider the engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions, the type, function, load characteristics, engineering construction, technical conditions and environment of the superstructure, pay attention to local experience, adjus...
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  • What are the steps in the construction process of screw ground piles?

    The construction process of spiral ground piles is mainly divided into three stages: pre-construction preparation, construction stage and completion acceptance stage. The following content will make some simple analysis on the safety construction of screw ground piles in these three stages. 1. Pr...
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  • What is the photovoltaic solar spiral ground pile ?

    Photovoltaic solar spiral ground pile is a kind of spiral drilling ground pile. Its characteristics include that the drill bit is connected to the drill pipe, the drill bit or the drill pipe is connected to a power source input joint. Take it out and use it directly as a pile body. The drill bit ...
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  • Metal spiral ground piles for solar photovoltaic bracket project

    Spiral ground pile is a new type of solar photovoltaic supporting product, suitable for major solar photovoltaic, wind energy and construction industries, such as solar power station pile foundation, billboard pile foundation, sign flag pile foundation, wooden house pile foundation, etc. Various ...
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