Ground screw anchor project

The design and construction of the spiral ground pile should consider the engineering geological and hydrogeological conditions, the type, function, load characteristics, engineering construction, technical conditions and environment of the superstructure, pay attention to local experience, adjust measures to local conditions, pay attention to the design, and reasonably select the type of the spiral ground pile , piling process and cap form, optimize installation, save resources, improve the quality of spiral ground piles, control and manage the construction quality of piles.

The orientation and level of the work are very important. If the control of the enterprise is not good, screw ground piles can be used, which will cause the work roll to suddenly contact the galvanized sheet, or one side will suddenly contact the galvanized sheet, resulting in a belt breakage accident. As long as the lower work roll rises slowly and evenly, the spiral ground pile can ensure the stability of the rolling force control, and the dimensions on both sides are the same.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of industrial production in my country, the automatic welding machine for screw ground piles has been widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing and other fields. The rapid development of my country’s real estate industry and automobile manufacturing industry has also promoted the development of the spiral pile automatic welding machine industry.

The screw ground pile is a screw bulldozer pile, which is composed of a drill bit and a drill pipe. The drill pipe or drill bit is connected with the power input connector; here, it is driven into the ground and is no longer taken out to be used directly as a pile body.

Post time: Jun-10-2022