What are the steps in the construction process of screw ground piles?

The construction process of spiral ground piles is mainly divided into three stages: pre-construction preparation, construction stage and completion acceptance stage. The following content will make some simple analysis on the safety construction of screw ground piles in these three stages.
1. Preparation before the construction of the screw pile:
(1) Work to be done before starting work
Before starting the construction, it is necessary to ensure that the road for the screw pile construction materials and construction equipment to enter the site is unobstructed; the construction site is arranged according to the requirements of the general construction plan; it meets the requirements of safe production, safe fire prevention, environmental protection and beneficial life.
(2) Electricity for construction
Ensure that the electric energy at the construction site can meet the requirements of safe construction, and it should also meet the requirements of the general plan of the screw pile construction.
(3) Construction water
The construction water consumption should meet the construction water requirements.
2. Technical preparation before the construction of the screw pile.
(1) Organize relevant engineering and technical personnel to master the design requirements and understand the design intent according to the site survey of the screw pile construction. Make detailed records of unclear issues;
(2) Carefully check the drawings and geological data, check the conditions of the underground pipelines and surrounding buildings at the construction site of the spiral ground piles, and take measures such as reinforcement, ash marking or isolation to re-inspect the spiral ground piles entering the site. set ruler;
(3) The person in charge of the project technology shall be responsible for the design requirements, technical requirements, construction methods, schedule plans, division of labor and cooperation of each sub-project construction, quality standards, safety measures, arrangement and deployment of main construction equipment, and the whole The construction plan of the project shall be disclosed to all technical personnel.
3. Configuration of construction machinery and equipment
The main construction tools to be used in the construction of the screw ground pile should be prepared in advance to ensure that the construction task of the screw ground pile can be completed according to the construction period.

Post time: May-20-2022