What is the screw pile? What are the advantages over traditional ground piles?


The spiral ground pile is a pipe pile with spiral blades welded on the surface of the metal pipe after hot forging. Spirals and flanges are welded on the tube body, and then the entire tube body is hot-dip galvanized. Use special screw pile screwing equipment to replace the original concrete foundation and screw it into the ground, and the top is connected with the load.

Spiral ground pile is a new type of basic building material, which can partially replace the traditional reinforced concrete pouring construction technology, making the building foundation more flexible and fast. It saves construction costs such as site leveling, spoil treatment, and excavation, and can be widely used in foundation construction in all walks of life.

Advantages of screw piles:

1. The favorable screw pile is driven into the ground in a rotary way, the soil is not easy to loosen, and the soil conditions can be well utilized. According to the blade structure of the screw pile, it has good pullout resistance and insertion grip.

2. As a new type of foundation technology, the simple screw ground pile has the outstanding advantages of convenient construction, short construction period, little impact on the construction environment, no damage to the local environment, and easy migration and recycling.

3. The cost is lower than concrete formwork, steel bar binding and pouring. Pre-embedded bolts, maintenance, formwork removal, foundation soil backfill and other processes, the screw ground pile only needs to be positioned and driven, which can save material and labor costs.

4. All-day construction is less affected by the environment, and can be constructed in most climatic conditions such as rain, snow, and freezing.

Screw pile assembly method:

1. By adjusting the center and height, the pile bracket can be installed and connected accurately;

2. Light steel chassis bracket can be used for modular chassis, which can distribute the load accurately and evenly;

3. The hat type bracket is suitable for various types of structural engineering;

4. The center and height of the U-shaped fixed support wooden structure can be adjusted at any horizontal and vertical positions, and the installation is simple;

5. Flange support modular system, which can accurately configure its own static load;

6. Screw fixing mode 3 or 4 bolt fixing design.

The upper surface of the helical ring of the helical ground pile is fixedly welded with a plurality of half cones. The tips of the half cones face the downward extending direction of the central axis of the helical ring. The downwardly pointing half cones can provide greater pressure when screwing in, so that the The screwing in is smoother, and the bottom surface of the half cone acts as a block when pulling out, making the pulling out resistance stronger. As a new basic technology, the screw ground pile has the characteristics of easy installation, short construction period, low dependence on water resources, little impact from environmental changes, no damage to the natural soil environment, easy restoration and migration, etc. The scope of application is gradually expanding. .

Post time: Jun-28-2022